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Womens Satchels – Kate Spade make it mine leather candace reversible wrap Vivid Snapdragon/Cement

$98.00 $84.50

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  • Description

    change is good: this clever, magnetized wrap for your make it mine candace will allow you to completely transform the look of your bag–in this case, by adding a contrasting leather cover. (the straps clip on and off for easy wrapping!)
    12" x 5" x 7.7"
    crosshatched leather with matching trim
    convertible: only compatable with make it mine candace (pxru7925)
    style # pxru7927
    wrap is reversible
    to change wrap: press the button located at base strap and push up one at a time
    replace strap by placing its bottom bar into the bags hardware groove and clicking hardware closed.
    wraps are duable and easy to wipe clean
    place in dustbag when not in use.

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